D.P. Ball Advertising offers social media solutions for RV dealerships.



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Over 1700 Customers in TWO DAYS! Sold 22 RVs!


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What is Direct Response RV Advertising?

First lets take a look at what it generates in the consumer when they see it:

Simply put, direct response marketing is the type of advertising which creates excitement, and an immediate response from your potential customer. We all are aware of the many holidays, and seasons which the consumer has learned to expect and anticipate with regards to sales in every retail venue. Not very exciting, and often the same old thing, rehashed. Smart consumer. They understand there will be sales. And, they understand that sales are usually episodic and boring, without much to offer.

In comes direct response advertising/marketing. Direct response marketing sets you apart from your competition. With strong statements, and incentives, an immediate response or 'call to action' is invoked. Your customers do more than read your ad copy. They respond. And, response to advertising translates into higher sales. Many advertising programs, and sales events we have executed in the past have generated record breaking sales for RV dealers. Repeated quarterly, this marketing program can lead to yearly sales records that far exceed those 'good' years in the past.

Please remember, direct response marketing is comprised of more than just a concept. It is extremely important that effective execution is implemented from original idea through the final process.

At D. P. Ball Advertising we do just that. We handle your project from concept through production, targeting your prospects with aggressive, response provoking, benefit rich messages. We have 29 years of experience working with RV dealerships, which has generated in depth knowledge of proven advertising formulas.

Letting us handle any portion of your advertising, from newspaper and trades, to radio, television and direct mail, is like adding a well seasoned marketing executive to your staff . . . For virtually no added cost to your advertising budget.